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Solid Wood Furniture Care

The furniture at THE TEAKLINE are coated with a water-based coating that is VOC-free, contributing to a healthy environment around your home or space. The collections are built with solid wood that has gone through a strict kiln-drying process to maintain the moisture content of the timber between 8% – 15%, to assure strong and reliable furniture.

Wood is a natural material that we should take good care of in order for our furniture to serve its daily functions for many years ahead. Here are our recommendations:


General Maintenance

General Maintenance
• Avoid placing the furniture (except outdoor furniture) under direct sunlight or under drastic change in temperature. Furniture that is meant for indoor use may show cracks due to the lack of room for the wood to expand/contract under exposure to sudden changes in environmental factors.

• Avoid covering the furniture table top with large sheets of plastic over a prolonged period. It may result in a chemical reaction (from the plastic) and eventually contamination of the solid wood furniture.

• When placing any hot items on solid wood furniture, be sure to use coasters or placemats to avoid damages to the wood.

Routine Cleaning Maintenance

Solid wood furniture are all made with natural materials. If there is dirt, it is recommended to remove them as soon as possible with mild soap and clean water to avoid leaving stains on the furniture.

For uncoated furniture (Raw finishing)
• Regular light dusting is recommended. For more thorough cleaning – Use a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge dampened with mild soap to wipe back and forth along the wood grains.

For furniture with water-based coating
• water-based coating is used to protect the wood furniture from direct contact with water and dirt. Avoid using excessive force when cleaning as it may cause the coating to wear off easily. Lightly dust or use a lint-free cloth or sponge dampened with mild soap and clean water to wipe the wood surfaces.

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