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Bellini Outdoor Lounge

Rope is such an exciting material because the possibilities for the number of different looks are endless. The thickness of the strands, the colors, the texture, and the patterns are all considered for each design. Rope can be used for decorative or structural applications where it is woven, wrapped, braided, or knotted like Macramé.  It is applied around aluminum, steel, and teak frames to make the most interesting pieces. Some of the rope is very thick cordage, and it is evident that multiple strands are tightly braided together, and other times it can be thin and appear more elegant. The rope strands can be round or flat, we call the flat pieces strapping. The strapping can also be braided and looped around the frame. We also offer some crocheted pieces, the weaving is even more intricate and precise.

Bellini Rope Outdoor Lounges

The Teakline makes all that possible and more, thanks to our collection of rope outdoor furniture. With our beautifully crafted pieces, you get to set up your very own home outdoor lounge. Placed on a deck, patio, out on the yard, or even on a rooftop, the fun you can have in such a place is unimaginable.

The Most Comfortable Rope Lounges

Our rope furniture at The Teakline plays the natural properties of the rope we use to create comfortable outdoor furniture that feels snug and comfy. With additional all-weather cushioning, you will be as comfortable as you would be on a sofa, only much cooler in the air outside with the expansive freedom of nature all around.  

Buy Outdoor Lounge Furniture In Malaysia

The Teakline is the premier producer and supplier of designer outdoor rope lounge furniture. Our Bellini Outdoor collection includes rope chairs, loveseats, sofas, ottomans, and many more. For furniture that will be spending most of its days in the hot sun or beating rain, you need it to be extremely weather-resistant and durable. Part of why our clients have trusted over the years is that the rope lounge furniture we make is UV resistant, hydrophobic, and tough to resist the vagaries of the outdoors. Even our unique upholstery and cushions are resistant. Want to see just how great such an outdoor lounge can be in your home? Come into our physical store at Kuala Lumpur  to experience it first-hand. Brand: The Teakline Material: 100% Italian polyolefin Fiber Flatrope 14mm thick Dimension: Single Seat: W83xD87xH75.5cm Double Seat: W159xD87xH75.5cm 3 Seater : W235xD87xH75.5cm Frames: Aluminium Cushion Material: French Sunbrella High Performance Fabric Foam Inserts: Urecel Quickdry      
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