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Padova Teak Bookshelf

This beautifully streamlined Padova Bookshelf is made of durable teak wood framing and shelves that assemble in minutes flat, no tools necessary. Add precious storage space and customize your setup by  allowing you to maximize the functionality and change the look of your space with ease. It’s just as simple to disassemble, and the ability to add on or switch parts later means that it can easily move (and grow) wherever you do.

Dimensions (L / W / H) : 160 x 35 x 200 cm

Material : Teak Wood

Bookcases  are one of the most important furnishing elements in our homes. Born as indispensable objects to preserve and keep in order our collections of books, bookshops have become the absolute protagonists not only of the living area but also of the sleeping area and the home office. The Padova Booskshelf is a complement to multifunctional design: it also allows us to display decorative objects, vases, travel souvenirs and rarely small pieces of art, becoming a real piece of furniture that can determine the style and character of the environment in which it is located.
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