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Small Table Font Side Table

We have many styles available at The Teakline,  from functional C-side tables and classic tables made from glass, metal and wood. Side tables can take center stage or a supporting role in your design scheme but all make a welcome addition to any room. A matching set of round side tables are elegant as bedside tables while a larger modern side table in the entryway can be a catch-all for keys and mail.

Material : Teak Wood

Dimensions: 50x35x60Hcm

What better way to say come and sit and put your drink here, or here is a magazine or remote, depending on what you feel like doing, than with an appropriate side table? What your round side table says to your guests, although unspoken, reveals the homey feel and function of a living room, sitting room or family room. Whatever style story these tables are conveying, they are always a welcoming and necessary addition to your living room.
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