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Horta Teak Mirror


The mirror as a window on the world

As with a view in the heart of a city, they manage to enclose multiple scenes giving light and, at the same time, a sense of depth and largeness to the environments in which they are placed. Mirrors may look like objects with a complementary function, not a protagonist. However, they can contribute to the characterization of all spaces. In particular, wall mounted mirrors are strategic in the furniture: from the most classic environments such as the bathroom, to narrower spaces such as corridors and connecting areas.

Dimensions (W / D / H) : 102 x 4,5 x 65 cm

Material : Teakwood

Inspired by the sleek curves of Italian mid-century design, our mirror’s amoeba shape breaks the rectangular mold to bring movement, form and light to a room. It’s tall enough to serve as an almost-full-length mirror in a front hall, or hang it horizontally to add intrigue above a sofa or mantel. Most of our wood used is certified, some reclaimed from old houses or bridges, a big plus for eco-friendly home owners. We hope to provide endless elegance and beauty to your household through our range of superior wood furniture.
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